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Coat of Arms

Coats of arms were developed in the Middle Ages as a means of identifying warriors in battle and tournaments. The present function of a Coat of Arms (although still one of identity)is more to preserve the traditions that arose from its earlier use.

Heraldic artists of old developed thier own unique language to describe an individual Coat of Arms. The Coat of Arms illustrated here was drawn by an heraldic artist from information recorded in ancient heraldic archives.

Research indicates that there are often times a number of different Coats of Arms recorded for a specific surname, as is the case with Mangano, see below. When possible, a translation of the Coat of Arms was selected, most represented of our surname or it's variant for illustration.

The original description of the Arms(shield) is as follows:


When translated the blazon also describes the original colors of the Mangano Coat of Arms as:

Quartered diagonally, blue and silver; a gold star placed in the center

Paul Mangano from Brisbane, Australia was kind enough to email Sam this version of the Mangano Coat of Arms. His email reads:

"Sam, I was showing my father, Salvatore Mangano, originally from Capo d'Orlando, Messina, your website. He saw your coat of arms and tells me that his father gave him one that looks a little different. We do have a copy of the coat of arms from Italy on tracing paper here, it is just missing at the moment. Although a few years ago, we used this tracing paper together with a photo to get a framed tapestry coat of arms made up. I have scanned this framed tapestry and attached it for your viewing. Regards, Paul Mangano."  Thanks, Paul!

 Sandra Mangano from Pennsylvania, USA, mailed me a copy of the family crest that she had. Thanks, Sandra! 


If you look very carefully at all three versions, you will notice the strong similarity.


Ralph McGeehan digitally created the family crest above. Many thanks to Ralph for allowing us to show it here on our website.