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This search was conducted in 1992.  Due to miscellaneous difficulties, some countries, such as South American countries, were hard to search. For this reason, the search was not 100 percent accurate. For example:

  • Dario advises us there are nearly 100 Manganos in Belgium today
  • Peter is from Sweden
  • Filippo is from the way from Zambia, Africa
  • Evelyn is from Brazil
  • Vicente is from Paraguay

Taking into account all of the above and more Manganos entering this world since 1992, it would be safe to say that the population should be over the 15,000 mark today. This does not include all the direct decendants of Manganos who have married and taken their spouses' surnames, or grandchildren of female Manganos who now have a different last name.

Note: We are in the process of obtaining updated demographics. Check back for a more current table of Mangano demographics.