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The Mangano Project

There are a lot of Mangano's out there, and we'd like to track how we are all connected. Capturing that information, however, is another story. Not all of our family members were detailed record keepers, and as older generations leave us, their stories are lost forever.

As a part of the Mangano Project, what can you do?

  • Get detailed family information from your living Mangano relatives now. Write it down, videotape it, or make a sound recording to preserve the information as best you can.
  • Save important papers like birth and death records, marriage licenses, emigration and naturalization records, newspaper clippings, photographs.
  • Compile the information you can into a genealogy program so you can easily retrieve and disseminate information.
  • Scan photographs and save. If you'd like to share them with us, we'd be honored to include them in our Mangano Project collection.

There are many people out there who do not have the Mangano surname but who are just as connected to Mangano's as we are. Join the Mangano Project and let us know how you fit in to the Mangano family.

We are creating a master pedigree file with information about all Manganos and related individuals. Send us your Mangano family information, we'll plot it in a master file and post it here as part of our Mangano Project.

We're also initiating a photo page where we'll post your favorite Mangano family photos and perhaps even help you identify who some of the "strangers" are in the photos. 

For current updates on this project, check back here often or follow us on Twitter at manganosearch.


Descendant Information

Click on this link the find information on Mangano descendants. If you would like to add information to this page, please send us a PDF or JPG file with appropriate information.

Note: For security purposes, please do not include birth dates for living descendants.


 Associated Family Names

Click on this link to find a list of family names associated with the Mangano family. These names may be helpful in tracking down important family information.

Genealogy Resources

Click on this link to find a list of our favorite genealogy research websites and software websites. It's not comprehensive, but it will get you started!