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The village of Mangano is located on the eastern side of Sicily at the base of Mount Etna. In my endeavours to find out more about this village, including how it was named, I have come up with two different stories.

My uncle Joe Puglisi told me he was born close to the village and shed some light on the subject. He said Mangano was named in honor of a Guard. the proper name of the village is  Guardia Mangano, named after a man who went by the name Mangano, in recognition of his achievements in guarding the road that led into the village in times of war during the 1800's.

My Aunty Paolina Marina found additional information about the village, written in Italian. With a big of help, I have translated it to English.

Town of Mangano

It took its name from an old horse stable looked after by a Pietro Mangano. The Baron Salvatore Barradi of Mastrantonio, debt collector of the city and territory of Aci, granted Pietro free usage of this stable on December 10, 1518. Such privilege was recorded in the municipal Chancery of Aci on September 18, 1587.

Today, in the same region through which passes the main highway, is this large town surrounded by very productive vineyards and beautiful holiday cottages. The town also has schools, a post office, telephones, and all other amenities. 

Since the beginning of the village, there existed the small church of St. Mary of Porto Salvo. The original church was demolished in 1778 and the present church was constructed. This was funded by Signor Faustino Mangani who obtained from the right to ownership of the land transferrable to his heirs from Bishop Monsignor Corrado Maria Deodati of Mancada on march 15, 1778.

The decree which gave authorization for the building of this church is dated June 10, 1777 and was recorded in the Municipal Papal Chancery on July 26, 1777.

The village is situated at the foot of Mt. Etna, approximately 4 km (2.5 miles) from the coastline and approximately 25 km (15 miles) from Catania. It is surrounded by wonderful plantations of lemon trees, very common in Sicily. The soil is very rich because of the presence of the volcano.


I received an email from Jean-Luc Mangano. He and his family live in Paris and while on vacation in Sicily in 1996 they passed through Mangano. He was also kind enough to send me photos.

This is Jean-Luc's daughter Flavia sitting in front of a church.



Here is Flavia standing underneath the town sign.




Here is Flavia standing on top of the Torrente Mangano which descends from Mt. Etna and flows across the village of Mangano.

Grazie tanto, Jean-Luc.

In late 2000, Sandy Mangano had the pleasure of visiting the vilalge Mangano. In her email to me she expressed that she had a wonderful time there. She sent me the following photos for all to enjoy.







Thank you  Sandy!